Interested in building incredible cyber security training?

arcX work with talented cyber security professionals to raise the bar in cyber security training. We are looking for individuals to produce training material aligned to industry recognised accreditation bodies such as CREST and GIAC or aligned to frameworks such as NIST. We are also looking for instructors to develop training courses for more specialised areas such as secure code development.

At arcX we are passionate about the production of high end cyber security training. Having previously worked in physical training environments, we wanted to bring that same engagement to the online world.

If you like the idea of building training material or perhaps have already built a course then get in touch.

Why arcX?

  • Well obviously there's the large commision you earn on every course sale.
  • arcX will also support you throughout the course development process.
  • We provide the platform including virtual lab hosting, you just need to provide the blueprints.
  • We also handle all customer support.

So basically you get to build a course and then sit back and watch it sell!

Topics of interest

The below topics are of particular interest to us.

  • Penetration Testing & Red Teaming
  • Incident Response
  • Blue Team Operations & Cyber Defence
  • Threat Hunting
  • Cloud Security
  • Secure Programming
  • Digital Forensics
  • Security Architecture
  • Security Management & Compliance
  • Industrial Control System Security
  • Exploit Development
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)


Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a job, am I still eligable
Is my employer likely to let me?
How much commission do I earn?
I don't want to be on camera, is this an issue?
I want to build a CREST accredited course, do I need CREST qualifications?
I'm a subject matter expert but I've never built a course before, can you help?