Remove obstacles to learning

  • Every year businesses spend thousands on training employees and the associated logistics involved in arranging it. From travel and accommodation, to covering mission critical employees for an extended period of time, both classroom and live virtual training can pose significant costs to your business.
  • With arcX for business, we remove those logistical costs and obstacles for you. Providing your employees with globally accredited training courses, for them study at their own pace, and at a time that best suits them and you.

Improve learning outcomes

  • Lab-based training is great at showing your employees 'how' to do something, but it rarely touches on the important 'why' in any meaningful way.
  • With arcX training courses, we believe in combining theoretical and vocational learning to help your employees understand that ‘why’ they are doing something is just as important as ‘how’ they are doing it.

Externally validated training

  • Low-cost self-accredited training providers may reflect well on your training budget, but they are often low-cost for a reason.
  • arcX has been independently validated by CREST; widely considered the standard for cyber security training within UK government and financial services, and one of the founding members of the UK Cyber Security Council.
  • arcX has been awarded CREST Approved Training Provider Status (CATP) and our training courses are accredited by CREST.

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