Learn about the benefits of the arcX Platform

Designed and developed around our courses and users, the arcX platform is a bespoke learning management system created to ensure you receive the highest-quality training, in a way that suits you.

Platform Features

As an individual using the arcX platform, you will be able to:

  • Take regular tests to assess your knowledge using our adaptive testing system
  • Engage in browser based labs to test your skills
  • Carry out course exercises

Business Features

Additionally business customers have access to our management suite, allowing you to:

  • Analyse company, team or individual user performance
  • Create and manage teams & users
  • Allocate licences to teams or individuals

Platform features

Take a look at some of the key components that make up the arcX platform and help support your learning.

Multimedia Content

arcX training courses are made up of engaging video and written content, presented by accredited industry experts. Subjects are carefully curated to ensure accuracy and are broken down into relatable concepts. The on-demand nature of our training courses allows you the opportunity to repeat modules, exercises, and tests until you are confident that you have consolidated your learning.

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Virtual Labs

Many of our courses contain real-world practical scenarios which require you to carry out the skills and techniques taught. With lab objectives covering reconnaissance, exploitation, OSINT, malware analysis and many more. arcX virtual labs are browser-based, meaning you won’t be needing any third-party software to access them.

Adaptive Testing Technology

Our proprietary testing system has been designed to understand how you learn. It adapts accordingly, increasing or decreasing question difficulty and targeting your weaknesses based on past interaction. For this reason, expect to find plenty of tests within each course, designed to help consolidate learning and continually challenge you.


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Learner Engagement Algorithm

Through the use of real-time data analytics, baseline assessments and adaptive testing technology, the arcX learner-engagement algorithm can provide you with measurable and actionable insights regarding your performance and expertise, down to a granular level.

Business Features

Our business offering puts you in control of a bespoke learning management system, enabling you to create teams, add learners, assign courses, measure performance, and ensure your learners stay engaged for longer.

Measure individual, team or company-wide performance

Our proprietary learner-engagement algorithm allows you to see real-time data analytics for the performance of an individual, team or your organisation as a whole.

See when learners are most active and how they are progressing through their training.

Manage learners

Adding a learner is really simple. All you need is their name and email address, and let the platform do the rest. You can assign training courses, add them to a team, and monitor their performance right down to the modular skill-based level.

Manage Teams

Create teams and assign team leaders, define learner permissions, and keep an eye on how the team performs over one or more courses. You can even allocate course licenses to a team and let the team leader choose who to assign the courses to.

Increase licences with ease

You can purchase additional training courses for existing and new employees through the arcX platform with only a few clicks. New licenses become available immediately and as soon as your new learner is added to the platform, they can begin.

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