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Globally accredited cyber security training courses on the arcX platform

Specialist Training Courses

Specialist Training Courses

Created and delivered by industry accredited experts, our courses are accessible on-demand through the arcX platform.

Bespoke Learning Platform

Bespoke Learning Platform

Featuring browser-based virtual labs, proprietary adaptive testing technology and a unique learner-engagement algorithm.

Globally Accredited Training

Globally Accredited Training

arcX is a CREST Approved Training Provider (CATP) delivering accredited training courses globally at an affordable price.

Training you can Trust

Quality matters, that's why arcX is a CREST Accredited Training Provider and obsessive about having content peer reviewed.

Improve Learning Outcomes

Our training course content covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of a topic, ensuring you understand 'how' to do something, and more importantly 'why'. Our courses are mapped against globally recognised accreditation body exams but it doesn't end there. Examination syllabi, like anything else, can become stale and outdated quickly. That's why our courses go above and beyond others on the market, to ensure you receive comprehensive theoretical and vocational training that is both current and relevant.

CREST accredited training

arcX Training has been independently verified by CREST; widely considered the standard for cyber security training within UK government and financial services. CREST is also one of the founding members of the UK Cyber Security Council. More...

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Interactive & engaging training content

arcX training courses are delivered utilising a number of mediums to maximise engagement and knowledge retention.

Video Content

All arcX training courses are delivered using video training broken down into units allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

Reading Material

Key information from each video is provided for re-enforcement of the training material taught.

Practical Exercises

Research-style exercises as well as mini exercises are incorporated throughout our courses, designed to quickly assess how well you have grasped a concept.


To aide in your understanding of the material taught, we have created an adapting testing engine that increases and decreases question difficulty, and targets your weaknesses based on system interaction and previous testing. Expect to find plenty of tests within your course, designed to help consolidate learning and continually challenge your ability.

arcX Final Exam

All our courses culminate in a challenging final exam designed to test your knowledge and skills.

Those attaining the required pass mark will be awarded with an arcX Certificate.

arcX Certificate

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