Online Training courses

Cyber Threat Intelligence 101

Cyber Threat Intelligence 101

The arcX Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) 101 course is a short selection of content taken from our CTI Practitioner course, and has been designed as a very basic introduction to cyber threat intelligence.

  • 100% online and on-demand self-study course
  • 4+ hours of training content
  • Includes 2.5+ hours of video training
  • Engaging exercises
  • 100+ practice questions
  • arcX final micro exam
Cyber Threat Intelligence Practitioner

Cyber Threat Intelligence Practitioner

Develop fundamental skills and knowledge to operate as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst. Learn to contribute towards intelligence projects, gather intelligence requirements, formulate collection plans, and produce actionable intelligence.

  • 25+ hours of training content
  • CREST accredited CPTIA course
  • 48 units covering over 120 concepts
  • Includes 17+ hours of video training
  • arcX final exam with free re-test included
  • 100% Online and on-demand self-study course
  • 21 engaging exercises
  • 500+ practice questions
Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence

Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence

Designed to provide you with advanced knowledge and practical skills necessary to become a dominant force as a cyber threat intelligence analyst. Throughout this course, you will advance your understanding of cyber threat intelligence best practises and learn to apply techniques like OODA Loop and F3EAD Cycle to real-world scenarios.

  • 40+ hours of training content
  • CREST Aligned CRTIA course
  • 87 units covering an extraordinary amount of content
  • Includes 27+ hours of video training
  • arcX final exam with free re-test included
  • 100% online and on-demand self-study course
  • 24 engaging exercises
  • 900+ practice questions
Cyber Threat Intelligence Bundle

Cyber Threat Intelligence Bundle

Prepare to become a Cyber Threat Intelligence powerhouse with the ultimate Cyber Threat Intelligence training bundle! With this CTI bundle deal, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of CTI from foundation to advanced level.

  • 65+ hours of training content
  • CREST Accredited training courses
  • 135 units covered in 44+ hours of video content
  • Undertake the arcX final exams for both the Practitioner and Advanced course
  • 100% online and on-demand self-study courses
  • 49 engaging exercises
  • 1,400+ practice questions
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