Exploit your potential

With globally accredited & specialist cyber security training courses delivered on the arcX platform

Specialist training courses

  • arcX provide specialist online training courses covering specific disciplines within cyber security.
  • All arcX instructors are accredited industry experts with extensive experience.

Bespoke Learning Platform

  • We couldn't give you the full experience of our training courses on existing platforms, so we built our own. The arcX platform is designed to increase learner engagement and improve performance.
  • Incorporating browser-based virtual labs, proprietary adaptive testing technology and our learner-engagement algorithm.

CREST accredited

  • arcX training courses are accredited by CREST; widely considered the standard for cyber security training within UK government and financial services.
  • arcX is a CREST Approved Training Provider (CATP).

Next-level Cyber Security training

Unlock your potential, with expertly delivered training courses leveraging a bespoke platform designed to improve learning experience.

Learn from accredited experts at your own pace

Our globally accredited and specialist training courses have been designed and are delivered by industry experts to ensure you get the highest quality of training.

Time in the classroom is limited

We believe that classroom-based training has its place, but often important skills and techniques are lost through skill fade very quickly.

Avoid skill fade

With our self-paced online training courses utilising the arcX platform, you have 6-months exclusive access to your training course content, allowing you to continually revise and practice key skills and techniques.

Image of online video content from the arcX plaform.

Consolidate your training

Having taught you the ever important ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind key concepts, you will have the opportunity to practise the skills and techniques taught through research exercises, testing or browser-based virtual labs.

Virtual Labs, accessible from anywhere

Our virtual labs do not require you to download and install third party software or setup Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, everything is done through your browser, so you can get started immediately.

All our labs are custom made to ensure they meet the learning objectives.

Image of browser based virtual labs taken from the arcX platform.

Test your knowledge

All our training courses have been designed to ensure that you walk away confident in your ability.

Throughout your training course, the arcX platform will test you with quizzes, exercises and module level examinations. All built to help improve your learning experience and ability to consolidate knowledge.

Final Exams

Every arcX course culminates in a final exam. These take various forms but are designed to ensure you have fully grasped all skills taught.

Image of an adaptive course assessment taken from the arcX platform.

Measure your performance

Find out how you are performing throughout the training course, with real-time learner analytics detailing:

  • Platform usage statistics
  • User test analysis
  • Learner engagement

We give you access to all this data so that you can see where you are performing well, and where you could benefit from additional study. This ensures you get the most out of your training course and feel confident in using your newly acquired knowledge.

Image of charts taken from the arcX platform showing various statistics about user engagement.

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