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Junior Threat Intelligence Analyst

Threat IntelligenceCREST CPTIACREST Accredited

Course Overview

The Junior Threat Intelligence Analyst course goes above and beyond an introductory course. You will be given the tools to thrive as a cyber threat intelligence analyst enabling you to, work within a team, contribute to intelligence projects, gather intelligence requirements, formulate collection plans, and produce actionable intelligence.

This course is aligned to the CREST Practitioner Threat Intelligence Analyst (CPTIA) exam and is accredited by CREST.

  • Expert instruction from a CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Professional
  • Over 25 hours of content
  • 17 hours of video training
  • 48 units covering over 120 concepts
  • 21 exercises
  • Over 500 true or false and multiple choice practice questions
  • Final exam with free re-test included

Junior Security Analyst

Penetration TestingCREST CPSA
Estimated release date: November 2021

Junior Intrusion Analyst

Incident ResponseCREST CPIA
Estimated release date: November 2021

Advanced Threat Intelligence Analyst

Threat IntelligenceCREST CRTIA
Estimated release date: Mid November 2021

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